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As the story goes, we started operations in the Suburbs of kota Kinabalu in Late 2000,
backed by our experience in Singapore from as early as 1988. As many reported, we had to shut down the restaurant
after two weeks of operations due to overwhelming demand for our freshly, home made Dishes.
We just couldn’t keep up….Every Day…Everything we could produce was sold out!
My Mother Wanda and her so called “Adopted son” Aung Choo in the Kitchen,
my Dad Luciano, the family Engineer and keeper of century old recipes,
myself and the first batch of staff were falling off due to exhaustion.

Upon shutting down, we immediately set up our small factory, where we could produce more, store more…
we bought bigger machines, bigger chillers and freezers and our first delivery van and
3 days later we were back in business!

18 YEARS have passed since, we have moved to the center of KK town, expanded our production facilities,
even 4 young children were born into our family along the way,
but we have tried and succeeded in maintaining the quality of both our food and service.
We have collected many awards and accolades along the way, but one important cardinal rule remains…
No one is allowed to leave Little Italy as an unhappy customer!!!
This is what we expect from all our staff and the promise we make to all our dear customers and friends…